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About The FunctionFox Student Program

The FunctionFox Student Program offers a unique and easy way to add real-world project management skills to a design curriculum. By using FunctionFox - the creative industry's leading timesheet and project management software - students learn to be accountable for their time and to manage multiple projects, so they are better prepared to succeed when they graduate. FunctionFox also helps students track and manage school assignments more effectively.

Why Learning to Manage Time is Important

The reality is that for most people in the design industry, skills in project management and client communication are almost as important as a stunning portfolio. For many design graduates, delivering a project within budget, on schedule, and with a professional level of accountability is as challenging as coming up with a winning concept.

Here's How We Can Help

We offer FunctionFox software free for students throughout their education - and for a full six months after they graduate - to help jumpstart their careers.

A FunctionFox representative will be avaialble to provide training and support through eamil, phone and scheduled Webinars.

For Design Educators

The FunctionFox Student Program adds depth and accountability to your design curriculum by incorporating professional timesheet tracking and project management into your existing courses and assignments.

For More information or to add your school to the program, email or call 1.866.369.8463. We'll contact you within the next business day to set things up.

For Design Students

The FunctionFox Student Program helps you hit the ground running in the competitive field of design. You'll get a free FunctionFox account while you're in school - and for a full six months after you graduate.

To get started with your free account, email and we'll set it up.